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IMAGE Branding
Life is about perception and one's appearance/behavior feeds into how people view you, whether you like it or not.  Personal Branding is the mental image you leave when exiting an event or a room. The Image Option guides people to maximize their potential by branding themselves. These efforts of personal branding include the workplace, your online footprint and personal life. No matter if you’re a recent graduate or mid career, The Image Option has advice, suggestions and tips on self-packaging or personal branding for the success you desire.
  1. An Image Inventory is a review of your wardrobe and to assess what's working and what may need to be retired.  We all have clothes, which fit at one time, and we think we will fit into again.  Sorry, after a year sitting in the closet, you don't love it, so it needs to go.  This virtual one on one virtual meeting with Tiffany will review your current clothing, deciding if you should keep, donate or sell.  Discussing and analyzing your Today Clothes for today’s goals. 
  2. We will review your online image by reviewing your social media accounts, FaceBook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram. Your reputation includes what you post and say online. This virtual meeting will include a review of all photos, posts, links to get an outside viewpoint. Tiffany will provide feedback and input to showcase the image you want to be. This is a great way to update your profiles to be more professional or relatable as you need for today’s goals.
Image Inventory 
Online Image
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